Careers at OPERS Organizational Development

Leadership Development Initiatives

Developing great leaders is the key to OPERS success. We are committed to the continued growth and development of anyone who is in a leadership role. Although leaders are present at all levels of the organization the OPERS Leadership Development program is required for any leader that supervises and conducts a performance review for one or more associates. The program is designed and led by the OPERS Organizational Development Department.

The leadership development process is designed based on five core competencies. Core competencies are those capabilities that are critical for a business to achieve the competitive advantage. The following competencies were identified during sessions involving our organization leaders as being important for OPERS management and core to our company values:

OPERS administers a comprehensive leadership development program that include the following components:

Associate Development Initiatives

OPERS is committed to providing on-going development opportunities for all associates in non-leadership roles. Through a planned and deliberate learning process, associates are able to acquire knowledge, better align skills, increase production and improve performance.  The process also encourages leaders to engage the development of their team members. This becomes a rich opportunity for associates to have an eye toward their department goals and, their own personal and professional growth. In addition to reviewing current goals, performance management discussions can also focus on the future opportunities for the associate.

One of the greatest impacts from our associate development process is organizational effectiveness. We believe that individual development leads to better business outcomes. This includes how we process work and building strong working relationships. We achieve this through following many of the concepts found in the following acquired learning components: