Covered Employees

The following employers -- created by action of the General Assembly or by the legislative authority of any of the units of local government not covered by the State Teachers Retirement System or the School Employees Retirement System -- are subject to coverage under OPERS:

  • State
  • County
  • Municipal corporation
  • Park district
  • Conservancy district
  • Sanitary district
  • Health district
  • Township
  • Metropolitan housing authority
  • State retirement board
  • Ohio historical society
  • Public library
  • County law library
  • Union cemetery
  • Joint hospital
  • Institutional commissary
  • State medical college
  • State university; or,
  • Board
  • Bureau
  • Commission
  • Council
  • Committee
  • Authority; or,
  • Administrative body

Carryover Public Employees

A carryover employee is an OPERS member who continues to perform the same or similar duties for a private employer that contracts to provide functions that were previously publicly operated. A carryover employee has two choices:

How this is handled:

Employer Responsibilities - Carryover Public Employees

A public employer who is transferring a public operation and its employees to a private employer should contact OPERS Employer Services (1-888-400-0965, select prompt #3 for membership and compliance) well in advance of the conversion. OPERS will supply the employer with applicable instructions and forms.

The public employer who contracts with the private employer is ultimately responsible for ensuring continuation of contribution report submission and payment.

Contribution Rates - Carryover Public Employees

The employer contribution rate is currently 14% of the employee’s earnable salary while the employee contribution rate is currently 10% of the employee’s earnable salary. The OPERS Board sets the employer and employee contribution rates as permitted by statute.

For employees remaining members of the retirement system following the conversion of a public function to a private function under a contractor, pre-tax withholdings will cease commensurate with the contract effective date.  Contributions will be required to be withheld and remitted on a post-tax basis.


OPERS Employer Services