OPERS Income Based Discount Program

The OPERS Income Based Discount Program is designed to help qualified pre-Medicare plan participants pay for their portion of their monthly medical/pharmacy premiums. Qualified pre-Medicare plan participants must have 20 years or more service credit. The program provides a 30 percent reduction in the premium amount participants pay each month for medical/pharmacy coverage through OPERS if his or her household income was equal to or less than 200 percent of the federal poverty level.

The program is not applicable to spouses.

If you feel you qualify to participate in the program, you must complete the Income Based Discount Program Application (HC-IBD). The application can be found below, or you can call OPERS to request one by mail.

To be eligible, a participant’s household income must have been at or below the following levels based on their 2016 federal income tax return:

Single person $23,760.00
Single with one dependent $32,040.00
Single with two or
more dependents
Married $32,040.00
Married with one or
more dependents

Household income is based on IRS guidelines and includes wages, pension, Social Security, welfare, worker’s compensation, child/spouse support, investment income, and all reportable income as defined by the Internal Revenue Code.

Participants are required to re-apply for the program each year. Those currently participating in the program receive a renewal application each October. Dental and vision coverage premiums do not qualify for the reduction offered by the Income Based Discount Program.

When Can I Apply?

Participants can only apply for the program at the following times: