Member & Employer Contributions

Below you will find answers to a set of some of the most frequently asked questions about the OPERS' pension plans. Click on the arrows beside the questions to either reveal or hide the answers.

How much will I contribute to OPERS?

From their earnable salary, OPERS members currently contribute the following percentage according to their type of employment:
  • 10% for local and state government employees
  • 12% for public safety employees
  • 13% for law enforcement employees
The employee contribution rate is the same for each of the OPERS retirement plans.

How much does my employer contribute to OPERS?

Employers are required to contribute to OPERS based on the percentage of a members’ earnable salary. Currently, employer contribution rates are:
  • 14% for state government employees
  • 14% for local government employees
  • 18.1% for law enforcement or public safety employees
Regardless of the retirement plan selected by a member, the employer contribution rate is the same for each of the plans.

For members participating in the Member-Directed Plan, a portion of the employer contribution amount (currently 8% in 2017) will be deposited into the member's Employer Contribution Account and invested as directed by the member. A percentage of the remaining portion of the employer contribution amount (determined by the OPERS Board of Trustees, based on the OPERS actuary's recommendation) will be credited to a Retiree Medical Account, which is invested as directed by OPERS investment professionals.

For members participating in the Traditional Pension Plan and the Combined Plan, the employer contribution is used to fund the defined benefit formula for service retirement and the additional benefits provided under the Traditional Pension and Combined plans (such as disability, survivor and health care benefits).

Who determines the member and employer contribution rates?

Subject to Ohio law, the OPERS Board of Trustees has the authority to set the member and employer contribution rates, which are subject to change.

How often does my employer send the member and employer contributions to OPERS?

The report of retirement contributions, member and employer contributions are all due 30 days after the end of the reporting period. The reporting period is based upon the employer’s reporting frequency which can be bi-weekly or monthly, as well as an individual member’s pay frequency.