General Information

Below you will find answers to a set of some of the most frequently asked questions about the OPERS' pension plans. Click on the arrows beside the questions to either reveal or hide the answers.

What is the OPERS Online Account?

The Online Account allows members to view their account information online. To access their Online Account, a member will be required to register and obtain a Password.

How do I get my Password?

Current members, who have already accessed their account information on the OPERS Online Account, will use the same Password.

For members who don't have an Online Account, click the "Member Login" link in the top-right corner. You can obtain a Password by clicking the "Need an Account?" link and answering a few simple questions. Your Password will be e-mailed or mailed to your e-mail address or address on file.

I forgot my Password. How can I get another one?

Members can get a new Password in one of two ways. First, they may go to the OPERS Online Account and click the button marked "Forgot User ID or Password?" link on the login page and then enter the required registration information. (To do this, however, they must remember the challenge question and answer they picked at registration.)

They can also request a new Password by contacting OPERS Customer Service, toll-free, at 1-800-222-PERS (7377). Note, however, that in this case, the Password will be mailed to the member and will not be provided over the phone.

What is an OPERS ID?

A unique, randomly generated 11-digit number assigned to you by Ohio PERS. This unique identifier will serve as your secure identity with Ohio PERS, and will be used in many instances from verifying your identity over the phone to submitting Ohio PERS forms. Your OPERS ID will not change. You will have the option to use your OPERS ID if you are not comfortable using your Social Security number (SSN), or you can continue using your SSN as your identifier. Anyone who became an Ohio PERS benefit recipient prior to 05/XX/2013 will not have an OPERS ID at this time.

I forgot my OPERS ID, where can I find it?

Members can find their OPERS ID on their Online Account. After logging in to the Online Account, the OPERS ID can either be found in the header of any Online Account page, or it can be found in the "Personal Information" panel after clicking the "My Profile" tab.

I received a text message from OPERS. Who receives my text message if I respond?

OPERS will not receive your text message. If you need to contact OPERS, either use the "Message Center," available for encrypted message transmission on the OPERS Web site, or call OPERS at 1-800-222-PERS (7377). To utilize the "Message Center" you must first establish your Online Account.

What does OPERS accept as proof of date of birth?

If, at the time you apply, you have not already sent proof of your birth date, it will be necessary for you to submit a birth certificate. If you choose payment Plan A, C or D you must submit a birth certificate for your beneficiary.

In the event of a change of name you also must submit supporting documentation, such as a marriage certificate, a decree of divorce or dissolution that restores your prior name, court order which shows the change or Social Security card.

If you do not have a birth certificate, there are other ways to prove your birth date. Any one of the following is acceptable to the Retirement System:
  • A baptismal record or certified copy of the baptismal record,
  • An affidavit from your parent,
  • A life insurance policy issued at least 10 years ago that shows your age or date of birth, which contains a penalty clause for misstatement of age,
  • Original entries in a "family Bible," (bring the volume to the OPERS office, we cannot make a record from detached pages or copies of pages),
  • Census Bureau records, (write to OPERS for an application form which you can complete and send to the Census Bureau),
  • A birth certificate of your child that includes your age or birth date,
  • An official hospital record of birth,
  • An original United States certificate of citizenship or naturalization, (bring the document to the OPERS office, we cannot accept a copy), or
  • An original United States passport, (bring the document to the OPERS office, we cannot accept a copy)