OPERS Investment Program

Below you will find answers to a set of some of the most frequently asked questions about the OPERS' pension plans. Click on the arrows beside the questions to either reveal or hide the answers.

How does the OPERS Investment Program work and what safeguards are in place?

Like other large pension systems, OPERS is a disciplined, long-term investor with a well-diversified, balanced portfolio. The OPERS Board has developed an investment policy that requires diversification of assets aimed at earning a competitive rate of return within acceptable levels of risk.

OPERS investment professionals monitor the portfolio's performance and manage the portfolio to ensure that the actual asset allocation closely aligns with the investment policy.

What investment options are available in the Member-Directed and Combined plans?

Members who select the Member-Directed or Combined Plan will choose from investment options that allow them to develop an investment strategy in either target date funds or a Build-Your-Own Portfolio.

Target Date Funds

Target date funds are one-stop investment options set up for your long-term retirement planning. They offer a mix among stocks, bonds and other investments, and the asset allocation automatically changes and becomes more conservative as you near retirement and want less fluctuation and risk in your account.

Build-Your-Own Portfolio

You may want to build your own portfolio if you are comfortable with directing your investments and are familiar with underlying asset classes. You may choose any combination of the OPERS Funds.
  • OPERS Stable Value Fund
  • OPERS Bond Fund
  • OPERS Stock Index Fund
  • OPERS Large Cap Fund
  • OPERS Small Cap Fund
  • OPERS Non-US Stock Fund
More detailed information about each of the OPERS Investment Options is included in the Investment Guide.

What information is available to help me decide which of the OPERS Investment Options are best for me?

The Investment Guide a offers information on developing an investment strategy that will help you assess your risk tolerance and determine the type of investor you are. The information contained in the guide will help with setting your retirement goals. Of course, you may also want to speak with your financial planner.

Are there investment fees for the Member-Directed and Combined Plans?

Yes. The fees are automatically withdrawn from each of the OPERS Funds before investment in your individual OPERS account. For more information on the fees for each of the OPERS Funds, consult the Selection Guide.

How can I track the value of my investment options in the Member-Directed and Combined Plans?

You will receive quarterly account statements that detail all activity in your individual OPERS account for that quarter. You may also use the OPERS website at www.opers.org.

Are there any restrictions on moving money between investment options in the Member-Directed and Combined Plans?

Currently, there are no restrictions. You may change your investment options as often as you like. In addition, you may also change the allocation (percent of contribution deposited in each fund) of your contributions as often as you like.