What to Do - and When

It is important for you to take an active role in managing your individual account. You should understand your plan, monitor your investments and adjust your investment strategy to fit your changing goals.

Each of the topics below offer suggestions to help you manage your individual account throughout your career.

What should you consider doing on a quarterly basis?

You receive a statement of your account and The Ohio PERSonal Investor newsletter each quarter in the mail. Make sure that the statement is accurate, especially if you made any account transactions during the three-month period or have selected the rebalancing feature for your account.

Reading the newsletter will give you added information about how to manage your account. It includes an Investment Education and Investment Perspectives section, as well as the total returns for the OPERS Investment Options. Hot Topics are often included to keep you up-to-date on workshops and other pertinent defined contribution issues.

What should you consider doing on an annual basis?

You should review your asset allocation and consider rebalancing to maintain your ideal asset allocation mix.

Combined Plan members have an additional tool to review on an annual basis. OPERS provides an annual Statement of Benefits in the first quarter each year that summarizes the defined benefit portion of your Combined Plan account.

Life changing events may affect my individual account

You should consider re-evaluating your asset allocation throughout your career especially if you experience a life-changing event during the year. The birth or adoption of a child, your marriage or divorce or an illness may be reasons to change how you want your individual account invested.

There also are going to be periods of uncertainty, which may make you uncomfortable with your investments. The economy, global issues and threats of war and terrorism can increase the volatility of investments and this may make you unsure of the investments you have selected. It is a good idea to re-evaluate your Investor Profile if these issues are of concern to you.