Your Individual OPERS Account

One of the most important features of the Member-Directed Plan is the flexibility you have to make investment decisions suitable for your individual needs. Click on the links below to learn more about the steps to becoming a successful investor in the OPERS Member-Directed program.

The OPERS Help Line -- 1-866-673-7748 -- is the toll-free telephone number to call with questions about the Member-Directed Plan.

How To Invest

You must make several important decisions when determining the investment options for your OPERS Member-Directed account. This section will provide basic investment education to help you make these decisions.

Managing Your OPERS Account

Now that you have established your Member-Directed account, learn when to regularly review your account performance, how to make allocation adjustments, respond to life-changing events, supplement your account with additional contributions and much more.

The OPERS Fund Information

The Member-Directed program offers nine investment options to help you achieve your financial goals.