Member-Directed Plan Refunding from the Member-Directed plan

As a member of OPERS you have options if you decide to leave public employment: you can refund your contributions or leave your account on deposit with OPERS. Both options will impact your status with OPERS.

Refunding from OPERS

This page contains specific information concerning refunding from the Member-Directed Plan. To learn the basics of refunding, check out the refunds page.

How Your Refund is Calculated in the Member-Directed Plan

If you refund your Member-Directed Plan account, you will receive 100 percent of the contributions you’ve made to OPERS, plus any corresponding investment earnings or losses.

You may also receive a portion of your employer contributions, plus any investment gains or losses, depending on the number of years you have attained in the plan. (See accompanying table)

Any non-vested employer contributions are forfeited upon an account refund.

Retiree Medical Account

When you refund your account (or begin receiving a retirement benefit) you become eligible to use the vested funds in your Retiree Medical Account for qualified health care.

The amount in your retiree medical account you are entitled to use is based on your years of participation in the Member-Directed Plan and your date of hire or plan change effective date.

Leaving your Account on Deposit in the Member-Directed Plan

You are not obligated to refund your contributions when you terminate your OPERS-covered job.

When you terminate public employment, you may leave your account on deposit with OPERS until:

Things to consider when leaving your account on deposit with OPERS

Returning to an OPERS-covered Position in the Member-Directed Plan

Returning after taking a refund

You cannot restore or purchase refunded Member-Directed Plan participation in any of the three OPERS plans (Traditional Pension, Member-Directed or Combined).

Returning after leaving your account on deposit

If you don't take a refund – you can pick up right where you left off when you return to OPERS-covered service.

More information

This page contains specific information concerning refunding from the Member-Directed Plan. To learn more about refunding your OPERS account, visit the Refunds page.

Your account value in the Member-Directed Plan or the defined contribution portion of your Combined Plan is not a guaranteed amount. It is dependent on the performance of the investment options you select.