Seasonal, Part-time & Intermittent Employees

If so, then you likely qualify as a seasonal, part-time or intermittent employee contributing to OPERS. As a new member of OPERS, you need to know:

  1. You have 180 days to select the one of the three OPERS retirement plans that best fits your unique career and retirement goals:
  2. New seasonal, part-time and intermittent employees have an additional consideration when selecting an OPERS retirement plan.
    • The Member-Directed and Combined plans are subject to a monthly, $5 administrative fee charged to all accounts regardless of balance.
    • If you leave public employment, to avoid the monthly administrative fee you may want to roll over your account balance into an IRA or another retirement plan or take a refund.
    • If you select the Traditional Pension Plan, you will not be subject to the monthly, $5 administrative fee.
Note: Seasonal, part-time and intermittent employees who leave their money on account with OPERS when they separate service will continue to contribute to the same retirement plan if they return to work for an OPERS-covered employer.