Lump Sum Benefits

A qualified survivor may choose to receive a lump sum refund of the member's account in lieu of monthly payments. However, if the member is survived by a child or children qualified to receive monthly benefits, only monthly benefits can be paid.

If the member has no qualified survivors for monthly benefits, a lump sum refund of his or her account will be divided equally among the member's beneficiaries.

If you did not meet any of these requirements at your death, a refund of your account value may be made. Your beneficiary may choose a refund only if there are no children eligible for monthly benefits. If you die while receiving a disability benefit under the original plan and your eligible survivors are allowed to select a cash refund of your account value, then the amount is reduced by the amount of disability benefits that have been paid to you. There is no reduction in amount if you die while receiving a benefit under the revised disability plan or while you are working.

If you die while receiving a disability benefit, then a lump sum death benefit, which is based on years of service, is paid to your qualified beneficiary, the person responsible for burial, or your estate. You may specifically designate a beneficiary for this death benefit on a form provided by OPERS, or you may allow automatic succession to apply.