Multiple-System Retirement

If you acquired service credit in more than one Ohio retirement system (OPERS, STRS or SERS), you may choose to retire independently from each system. This allows you to receive a benefit from each system. In order to take advantage of this option, you must have the required service credit in each of the systems to be eligible for retirement.

You may choose, at the time of retirement, to have your accounts in all systems be combined for salary and service credit purposes. In that case, the system which has the greatest service credit will pay your benefit, and funds remaining in the other system(s) are transferred to the system paying your benefit.

If you hold two or more concurrent positions in OPERS, or in one or more Ohio retirement system(s), you may retire from the higher paying position and continue working in the lower paying position.

Anyone with multiple employment at retirement should contact OPERS for more information on their options.