Welcome to Publications

OPERS publications are provided for and according to the needs of its members, employers and retirees. The documents are available for viewing and printing via the Library link.

The To Order pages provide a means of ordering certain publications -- including leaflets -- online. Due to the nature of the content, these publications are only posted in their most recent edition.

To View

Each publication is provided in a PDF format PDF, which most Web browsers are able to automatically view. Please consult the help page if you have trouble viewing a publication.

To Find

All available publications are listed at their audience-specific library. Be advised that not all publications are archived, but may be only available in their most recent version. Information contained in archived editions is only intended to be accurate as of the publication's print date.

To Order

At each to order page, you will find each publication grouped; such as, leaflets and other publications. Each publication's revision date and a link for more information is provided.