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Survivor Benefits
In the event of a member’s death before retirement, qualified survivors may be entitled to monthly benefits or a lump-sum payment of the members account. Survivor benefits are only available for members in the Traditional Pension Plan or the Combined Plan.

Disability Benefits *
OPERS administers two disability plans - the Original Plan and the Revised Plan. Persons with OPERS membership prior to July 29, 1992 are in the Original Plan, unless you elected to be enrolled in the Revised Plan. All members hired after July 29, 1992 are in the Revised Plan. Disability benefits are only available for members in the Traditional Pension Plan or the Combined Plan.

This section provides information that may be helpful to you as a disability benefit recipient.

  • Disability Definitions: This section will provide you with information regarding the Own Occupation –vs- Any Occupation definition.
  • Disability Benefit Amounts: This section will explain the disability benefit calculation formula given your respective plan.
  • Health Care: This section will take you to the Health Care Coverage Guide that will provide important information regarding healthcare coverage while receiving a disability benefit. Please read the OPERS health care coverage guide regarding health care eligibility when receiving a disability benefit.
  • SSDI: This section covers the SSDI application requirements and potential impacts to the disability benefit
  • Rehabilitative Services & Continued Medical Treatment: This section covers the requirements for continued receipt of your disability benefits.
  • Termination: This sections explains the circumstances in which a disability benefit may terminated.
  • Appeal This section will explain your right to appeal and the appeal process.
  • Forms This link provides the forms that you may need to as a disability benefit recipient.

More information regarding the disability program can be found on the Disability Benefits home page or in the Disability Benefits leaflet.

* Note: Disability benefit recipients cannot make changes to their benefits as these benefits are governed by state law.
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