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Member Seminars
The following seminars are designed specifically for members, unless otherwise noted. The registration process for each seminar is detailed on each seminar's particular page.
Also: Try a Live, Interactive Web Seminar
Can't make it to a member Seminar in person? Then log on to a live, interactive member seminar right at your PC or watch a recorded member seminar at your convenience:
Web Seminar
 • How to Select Your OPERS Retirement Plan  • Planning to Retire
Video Seminars
 • How to Select Your OPERS Retirement Plan  • Managing Your OPERS Account
 • 2011 Health Care — Active Members  
Managing Your OPERS Account -- Video: A good way to learn more about investing and managing your account. Topics include: Basic Investment Education, Choosing Your Investment Options, How OPERS Target Date Funds Work, Resources and Tools to Help Manage Your Investment Account
  Member Seminar: Managing Your OPERS Account
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