Corporate Governance

In keeping with the organizational mission, “[t]o provide secure retirement benefits for our members,” OPERS’ Board of Trustees and management are committed to protecting the long-term interest of our members by closely monitoring the corporate governance practices of the corporations in which OPERS invests. Proactive corporate governance initiatives can serve to increase disclosure and minimize conflicts-of-interest and disconnections that can occur between boards of directors, management and shareowners as a result of widely dispersed stock ownership of publicly traded companies.

OPERS has a fiduciary duty to exercise its rights and responsibilities as an owner and takes this responsibility seriously. Effective corporate governance can foster a culture of corporate integrity, financial accountability, leadership, and long-term strategic goals of growth and profitability. Good corporate governance practices will maintain an appropriate balance between the rights of shareowners and the needs of the board and management to direct and manage the corporation's strategic plan and operations. OPERS believes that all companies should strive to create this balance to achieve long-term success in today's highly competitive economy.

Corporate governance best practices can significantly contribute to the long-term financial performance of a company. OPERS incorporates corporate governance criteria to add value to OPERS’ investments. Ultimately, that means OPERS is protecting the retirement futures of its retirees and members.

Iran and Sudan Divestiture Policy

OPERS screens our affected investment portfolios to identify companies that may be doing business in Iran or Sudan. We then engage these companies in a written, and sometimes direct, dialogue, advising them of our policy and request a written explanation of their business activities in Iran and Sudan.

Corporate Governance Forum

The annual Corporate Governance Forum is held to provide company boards of directors, shareowners, and corporate governance professionals with the opportunity to hear from experts on best practices in this growing field and to discuss ways that shareowners and company board members can engage in a constructive dialogue, to foster long-term relationships.

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