On behalf of the OPERS Board of Trustees and our over 1 million members, thank you for your support for bringing about even more efficiencies to the Ohio Public Employees Retirement System. Your work will lead to survivor benefit improvements, refunds of accumulated contributions changes, and other corrective provisions passed as part of Amended Substitute House Bill 520. OPERS appreciates the bipartisan support we received in the Ohio House of Representatives and Senate to build upon the efforts to clarify and strengthen the changes made in recent pension legislation (Amended Substitute Senate Bill 343 of the 129th General Assembly and Amended Substitute Senate Bill 42 of the 130th General Assembly).

This legislation will help OPERS continue to provide a secure retirement benefit and access to health care coverage for public employees, your members and constituents, well into the foreseeable future.

There is not enough space here to thank each person and group that helped to make these legislative fixes a reality but we must recognize the efforts of sponsors Representatives Kirk Schuring and Dan Ramos, House and Senate leadership, and the members and staff of the Ohio Retirement Study Council. We appreciate the willingness of each member of the legislature, their staff and our stakeholders to work with us on this legislative priority.

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