OPERS Customer Service 2017 Year in Review

As we start 2018, we thought that you might be interested in some of the numbers that represent a behind-the-scenes look at the work OPERS did in 2017. It was another eventful year for OPERS Member Services.

We continue to work with our retirees as they get used to using their Health Reimbursement Arrangements by offering more education and most recently through HRA Workshops. In an effort to make sure the retirees' voices were heard, staff entered over 75,000 survey responses on the COLA changes. We continue to look for alternative methods of communication with our members through tools such as the "Got Mail? Get Answers" feature on our website and "Fast Facts" on our phone system. To help our members better prepare for retirement we have created a Financial Wellness workshop that OPERS piloted to our associates. Based on feedback provided from the pilot project, we intend to offer similar workshops around the state to our members in 2018.

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