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OPERS Board of Trustees

The OPERS Board of Trustees — the governing body of the system — is responsible for the administration and management of OPERS. The board meets monthly to review and formulate policies concerning the members, contributors and benefit recipients of OPERS, and the OPERS office staff.

The board members also authorize the investments made with the system's funds. They receive no compensation for their service to OPERS, but they are reimbursed for necessary expenses incurred while serving the system.

Ken Thomas Ken Thomas
Board Chair Representative for Municipal Employees
Chris Mabe Chris Mabe
Vice Chair Representative for State Employees
Julie Albers Julie Albers Representative for County Employees





Matthew Damschroder

Director, Department of Administrative Services

Randy Desposity Randy Desposito Representative for Non-teaching College/University Employees






Harold Charles Elliott

Governor Appointed Investment Expert

Cinthia Sledz - Representative for Miscellaneous Employees Cinthia Sledz Representative for Miscellaneous Employees
Tim Steitz Tim Steitz Representative for Retirees
James Tilling James Tilling General Assembly Appointed Investment Expert
Steve Toth - Representative for Retirees Steve Toth Representative for Retirees






Lance Osborne Treasurer Appointed Investment Expert