Now that you are or are soon to be an age and service retiree or disability benefit recipient, re-employment in a job covered by OPERS, including service in an elected position, may affect continuing receipt of your benefit.

In the event you become re-employed by an OPERS-covered employer, you must inform the employer that you are receiving an OPERS benefit. Potential re-employment plans should be discussed with the employer to determine whether there are any restrictions or policies on re-employment.

Employers are not required to re-hire employees after retirement.

The information provided in this section is intended to inform you of the general restrictions on re-employment. Prior to your re-employment, you should contact OPERS for specific information regarding the effect re-employment may have on your monthly benefit payment.

The entirety of the benefit changes information found in this area is also located in the Retiree Handbook. Click on the links provided below to view, and also print, the entire Retiree Handbook or just the section pertaining to benefit changes.