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Are you thinking of retiring within the next 5 years? Use this tool to learn about your options.

OPERS has developed a Retirement Planner to allow Traditional Pension Plan members eligible to retire on or before January 7, 2018 (Group A) to estimate pension and health care costs at different retirement dates.

1099-R Recorded Presentation

OPERS is offering you the opportunity to view a recorded presentation designed to help you read and understand your Form 1099-R.

Benefit Change Notice Video

In accordance with IRS regulations January benefit payments cannot be made in December. Since January 1st is a holiday, the January benefit will not be posted to your accounts until 1/2/14.

Health Care Change Summary

Revised December 2013

Pension and Health Care Changes - Comprehensive Guides

In September 2012, the Ohio Legislature approved changes to the OPERS pension plan. At the same time, OPERS made changes to its health care plan for retirees.

PERSpectives Video: Pension, health care update

A series of videos explaining the major changes that are upcoming to pension benefits and the OPERS health care plan. Latest update: June 4.

IMPORTANT: Cost to purchase service credit increasing

Act now to complete a service purchase at current cost.

Retirement Education Fairs - Sign Up

Retirement fairs to prepare for retirement and also hear about health care and pension changes.