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Board of Trustees Election

As a member of OPERS, you have a voice in decisions and policies affecting your retirement benefits. Every member is part of a specific group with representation on the Board of Trustees.

The Board is ultimately responsible for all administration and management of OPERS including setting retirement system policies, approving the overall investment plan and asset allocation strategy, reviewing and approving budgets and acting as fiduciaries of the System. Individuals elected to the OPERS Board also automatically serve on the Ohio Public Employees Deferred Compensation Program Board.

Elected Representatives

The OPERS Board is comprised of 11 trustees—seven individuals are elected by the specific group each represents. The seven elected positions on the OPERS Board of Trustees are designated for election on a staggered basis, ensuring experience and organizational knowledge is stable from year to year. Three individuals with investment expertise are appointed by Ohio's Governor, Treasurer and jointly by the Speaker of the Ohio House of Representatives and the President of the Ohio Senate. The Director of the Ohio Department of Administrative Services also serves on the Board of Trustees by virtue of office.

Four to run uncontested for Board

No election to be held; unopposed trustees begin new terms in 2019

Four current OPERS trustees are running unopposed for their seats in this years Board election and thus will begin new, four-year terms in January.

OPERS certified the candidates for the 2018 Board of Trustees election at the August, 2018 meeting. Because all are unopposed, there will not be an election this year.

The following current trustees will begin new terms in 2019: