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OPERS procures goods and services using Request for Proposals (RFP), Request for Quotes (RFQ), Request for Information (RFI) and other such competitive models. Valid responses must be submitted to OPERS by the specified submission date. Submission procedures and procurement details for each opportunity can be reviewed by clicking on the document label.

Important Information:

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Opportunity Type Submission Deadline
Cisco Network Hardware RFP Feb. 8, 2 p.m. ET

The Ohio Public Employees Retirement System is seeking to purchase Cisco Hardware to support an environment hardware refresh.

Opportunity Type Submission Deadline
Health Literacy Consulting Services RFQ Feb. 8, 2 p.m. ET

OPERS is seeking consulting services to support an enhanced strategy to help retirees and dependents be more health literate. The principal objectives of the enterprise initiative are to increase literacy levels among the designated population, empower the population to make more informed health care decisions and ultimately become better consumers of health care.

Opportunity Type Submission Deadline
Quantitative Equity Data Service & System RFP Feb. 20, 12 p.m. ET

This search is for prospective vendor to provide Quantitative Equity Data System and Service for U.S. and Non-U.S. portfolio management.

Opportunity Type Submission Deadline
Emerging Manager Program RFI N/A

OPERS has a program available exclusively to emerging firms that are Ohio-qualified or minority-owned. To be eligible for consideration, the firm must have less than $750 million in firmwide assets at the time of funding and be either minority-owned or Ohio-qualified. At this time, OPERS is considering only active, long-only equity managers.

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