Educational Opportunities

Employer Forum

Health Care Horizons

The Health Care Horizons forum on value-based health care was held on June 6, 2016. The forum brought together OPERS employers to learn from their peers and industry experts about ways to maximize the value of employer and employee health care dollars. More information about the forum can be found on the Health Care Horizons website, including direct links to the presentations, speaker bios and event agenda.

Employer Seminars

ECS Enhancements

New features are being added to ECS in December 2015 that will allow employers to look up an employee to see if they are an OPERS Benefit Recipient, submit an enhanced Personal History Record that includes re-employment information for a re-employed retiree, and certify termination of service for a non-contributing re-employed retiree. This presentation will provide employers with an overview of the new features.

Denied Salary

Elected officials whose salary is increased during a term of office and who are not eligible to receive the additional salary due to constitutional provisions may make additional contributions to OPERS. This presentation will provide employers with an overview of the process.

OPERS Membership

Employers have their employees' best interests at heart. However, a creative approach to defining OPERS membership can put employers at risk for penalties and interest. This one-hour seminar will review who qualifies for OPERS status (and therefore must pay retirement contributions).

Pick-up Plans

It is possible for employers to defer taxes on employees’ retirement contributions. This is known as employer pick-up. Internal Revenue Code Section 414(h)(2) allows employers to make contributions to a qualified pension plan on a tax-deferred basis. Taxes are deferred until an employee receives the contributions as a refund or as retirement benefits.

In one hour, you’ll learn the difference between the two types of pick-up plans, the requirements for a plan and how to implement a pick-up plan.

Earnable Salary

Employers have their employees’ best interests at heart. However, a creative approach to defining earnable salary can put employers at risk for penalties and interest.

This one-hour seminar will cover which payments qualify as earnable salary (and therefore must be reported to OPERS).

Non-Contributing List (NCL)

Employers are required to submit annual Non-Contributing List(s). While the non-contributing list is not new and it has always been required, Senate Bill 343 added to the required non-contributing information a listing to include all independent contractors or any other classification besides employee who provided services in the previous calendar year to be included on the non-contributing list.

GASB Executive Track

This webinar provides a high-level overview of the new GASB standards and is intended for audiences who must be knowledgeable about the standards, but will not necessarily be in the details of producing the financial statements (refer to Operations Track).

GASB Operations Track

This webinar is designed to help members of the employer finance team actually work through implementing the standards. Although OPERS will provide the proportionate share pension liability figures, how that information should be used in preparing individual employer financial statements will be highlighted. This is a technical detailed webinar that will be initially presented live and then made available on the OPERS website for subsequent viewing and with potential additional drill-down segments at a later date as previously mentioned.

Early Retirement Incentives

The level of details involved with processing early retirement incentives are compounded by changes required by the 2012 pension legislation. This webinar will walk employers through the process and rationale for the changes.

Employee Contribution System (ECS) Demonstration

NOTE: This is a high-level demonstration for employers who currently submit paper contribution reports. Over 90 percent of employer organizations actively use ECS. If you’re not on ECS, this one-hour online seminar is for you. Make the commitment to yourself and your organization to start the year out right by learning more about the online system that saves you time. This seminar is not available for State of Ohio agencies.

Signing Up and Using Online Payments

Using online payments is quick and easy and will not only save you time, but also money. This video walks employers through the steps of setting up an account for online payments as well as how to schedule a payment in ECS.

Requirements for Annual Conversion Plans

Eliminate confusion regarding conversion plans and retirement contribution reporting. This one-hour seminar gives you all the information necessary to ensure compliance on your conversion plan—remember the deadline for 2016 conversion plan submission is March 31, 2016.

How to Resolve Large Earnings Clarifications on ECS

Changes to the large earnings process on ECS were implemented in March 2012. This one hour session will provide employers the opportunity to learn how to accurately resolve large earnings on ECS.