Member-Directed Plan

The Member-Directed Plan is a defined contribution plan where you direct how your contributions are invested choosing from one (or more) of the OPERS investment options. You bear sole responsibility for the investment risk, similar to the way a 401(k) plan works in the private sector.

Your benefit is based on your final vested account balance at retirement.

You have a number of distribution options when you retire including taking a monthly lifetime annuity, a lump sum refund, or rolling over your balance to another account.

The Member-Directed Plan

The Member-Directed Plan is best for those who want to direct their own investments and are willing to tolerate investment risk.

New Members

You have 180 days to choose a plan. To select the Member-Directed Plan, visit the How to Select Your Plan page.

Key Aspects of the Member-Directed Plan

You direct your investments

One of the most important features of the Member-Directed Plan is the flexibility you have to make investment decisions suitable for your individual needs. You select where your member contribution and a portion of the employer contributions are invested from a group of funds monitored by OPERS investment professionals.

Retiree Medical Account

A portion of your employer contributions are credited to a retiree medical account.

The vested portion of your RMA can be used for reimbursement of your or your eligible dependent's qualifying medical expenses, such as health, dental and vision care expenses, including premiums for health insurance coverage.

You can begin to use vested funds from this account when you leave OPERS-covered employment, or when you retire.