Member-Directed Plan

The Member-Directed Plan is a "defined contribution" plan in which employee contributions and a portion of employer contributions are deposited into an individual account within the plan for each member.

The member directs how contributions are invested (within certain limitations) and bears sole responsibility for the investment risk. Currently, there are 10 target date funds and six core investment options into which a member can direct the investment of their account. OPERS also offers a mutual fund-only Self-Directed Brokerage Account (SDBA), through Charles Schwab's Personal Choice Retirement Account® (PCRA).

Retirement benefits are based on the amount contributed and also are affected by expenses and account gains and losses in the OPERS investment options the member selects, as well as annuity factors, such as the retirement age.

A portion of employer contributions is credited to a Retiree Medical Account, which the member may use for the payment of qualified health care expenses after separation from service.

The OPERS Help Line -- 1-866-673-7748 -- is the toll-free telephone number you should call with questions about the Member-Directed Plan.