Information for Caregivers For those caring for OPERS members and retirees

If you're caring for an OPERS benefit recipient, there are a few things you should know in order to help manage their account and make health care and financial decisions on their behalf.

Authorized Caregivers

If you are an authorized caregiver you will need to have the following on file with OPERS to access the member's account:

These documents should submitted to OPERS.

Ohio Public Employees Retirement System
277 East Town Street
Columbus, Ohio 43215-4642

Via Benefits

Via Benefits, the administrator of the OPERS Medicare Connector, may have different rules and forms for caregivers and guardians. If your loved one purchased a Medicare plan through Via Benefits, you should contact Via Benefits directly for more information.

Notifying OPERS of a Member's Death

It's very important for a family member, beneficiary, or caregiver to notify OPERS of the death of a retired member. That way OPERS can stop benefit payments and prevent overpayment of benefits.

Beneficiaries will be responsible for repaying OPERS for any overpayments that occur.

In the event an OPERS benefit recipient passes away, OPERS must be notified immediately.

When notifying OPERS of a death you will need:

How to Notify OPERS

You can notify OPERS of a retiree's death in one of following ways:

  1. By mail

    Submit a copy of the death certificate or a letter stating the member has passed away

    Ohio Public Employees Retirement System
    277 E. Town St.
    Columbus, OH 43215-4642

  2. By phone

    By calling OPERS at 1-800-222-7377

Once notified, we will let the account beneficiary know what forms should be completed and if additional information is required.

Via Benefits

If the deceased is a Medicare-eligible benefit recipient covered by a medical plan through Via Benefits, notify Via Benefits of the death by calling 1-844-287-9945.

You will also need to inform medical and pharmacy carriers to stop charging monthly premiums.

Additional Notifications

Ohio Deferred Compensation

If the deceased was a member of Ohio Deferred Compensation, you will need to contact them

Social Security

Contact Social Security as soon as possible when someone getting benefits dies. In most cases, the funeral director will report the person's death to Social Security. Give the funeral director the deceased's Social Security number so he or she can report the death.