Forms Help

How to Order a Form

To order a form please locate the document at one of the members, employers or retirees areas provided in this section. At that page, indicate the form you would like mailed to you by selecting the appropriate checkbox and completing the online form located at the bottom of the page. The form you request will be mailed within three to five business days.

How to View or Print Form

Once you have located the form you seek, each is available for immediate viewing by clicking on the name of the form. Because the file will open in a separate browser window it's important to disable pop-up blocking software or allow pop-ups from

You can also print the form by selecting "File" and "Print" on your Web browser.

Directions for Completing and Submitting an OPERS Form

After you have printed your OPERS form, please be sure to complete it in its entirety. All pages of the form must be submitted to OPERS for review. Forms that are received incomplete may not be considered valid. Mail all pages of the form to OPERS at the following address:

How to Obtain Additional Information About Form

More information about each form is available by clicking the 'question mark' located alongside the form name, or contact an OPERS customer service representative at 1-800-222-7377 to answer additional questions.