Eligibility & Enrollment

This section helps retirees and other benefit recipients learn more about qualifying for and enrolling in OPERS health care coverage.

Qualifying for Coverage

Are you unsure as to whether or not you qualify for OPERS health care coverage? Do you have service credit under multiple retirement systems? The Qualifying for Coverage page has answers to questions such as these and additional information.

Enrollment & Withdrawal

If your retirement is quickly approaching and you're unsure about enrollment in, deferral from, or even opportunities for re-enrollment in the OPERS Health Care plan, then visit the Enrollment & Withdrawal page.

Eligible Dependents

Retirees enrolled in the OPERS health care plan may also enroll an eligible family member. Visit the Eligible Dependents page to learn more about who qualifies.

OPERS Income Based Discount Program

The OPERS Income Based Discount Program is designed to help qualified plan participants pay for their portion of their monthly medical/pharmacy premiums. Click the link below to find out if your household qualifies.