Enrollment and Withdrawal in OPERS Health Care

If your retirement is quickly approaching and you're unsure about the enrollment process such as when to enroll, if there are perks to waiting to enroll, and if there is opportunity to enroll at a later date, read on.

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Understanding Your Responsibilities

Participants in the OPERS Retiree Health Plan receiving a monthly benefit as the surviving spouse or beneficiary of a deceased retiree or deceased member may only enroll those dependents who would have been eligible dependents of the deceased retiree or member as defined on this page.

It is the retiree's responsibility to notify OPERS, in writing, within 30 days of the date his or her dependent fails to meet eligibility requirements. Failure to notify OPERS could result in overpaid health care claims for which the retiree will be responsible.

Enrollment Periods

You have two choices when deciding when to enroll in OPERS health care coverage:

  1. Enroll at the time of retirement
  2. Defer enrollment until a later date

Enrolling at Retirement

If you choose to enroll in OPERS health care coverage at the time of your retirement you must submit a Health Care Coverage Application with your retirement application.

When does coverage begin?

Coverage begins the later of:

Failure to apply

If you don't meet the application deadline, you cannot enroll until the next open enrollment period.

You'll have one chance to change your health care selections after submitting the Health Care Coverage Application, however your changes must be submitted within 30 days of receiving your first retirement benefit.

Waiting to Enroll in OPERS Health Care Coverage

Why wait?

If you are under age 65, waiting to enroll may have its perks.

Each retiree has an allowance percent amount that applies to health care.

Because your allowance amount is based on your age when you enroll, your premium allowance amount could increase by 3 percent for each year you wait to enroll.

See the Health Care Allowance page for more details.

How to enroll

To enroll after delaying enrollment, you must submit a Health Care Coverage application during an enrollment period:

Cancelling OPERS Health Care Coverage

You can cancel your OPERS Retiree Health Plan coverage at any point during the year; vision and dental coverage can only be cancelled during open enrollment.

To cancel OPERS Retiree Health Plan coverage, you must either:

Re-enrollment after cancelling coverage

If you voluntarily choose to cancel OPERS Retiree Health Plan coverage, you can re-enroll:

Required documents for re-enrollment

Plan coverage begins the first day of the month following OPERS' receipt of all required documents.

Although OPERS understands the importance of offering health care coverage, our board has the discretion to review, rescind, modify or change our health care coverage at any time.