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OPERS provides health care coverage for eligible benefit recipients who have 20 years of qualifying service credit and retire from either the Traditional Pension Plan or the Combined Plan. Although OPERS understands the importance of offering meaningful health care coverage, our board has the discretion to review, rescind, modify or change our health care coverage at any time.

Health Care Allowance

OPERS will pay a portion of the full cost of health care coverage based on your age when you first enroll in the OPERS health care plan and your years of service at retirement. See the link below for more details.

Eligibility & Enrollment

OPERS offers health care coverage to retirees 60 or older with at least 20 years of qualifying service, and to all retirees with 30-32 years of qualifying service depending on their group. To find out if you are eligible for OPERS health care or to learn more about enrolling in the OPERS health care plan, visit the Eligibility & Enrollment section.

Before qualifying for health care, you must first qualify for pension.

Health & Wellness

Staying active and healthy is crucial to enjoying your retirement. To help you improve your health and stretch your health care dollars, OPERS partners with community-based lifestyle programs to help participants prevent common and costly chronic diseases, such as diabetes. Visit the Wellness section to learn more about the wellness programs and resources available to OPERS health plan participants.

Looking for more information?

Check out the Resources section for access to a number of health care forms and documents, including the OPERS Health Care Coverage Guide, the Understanding the Basics: Medicare and OPERS Connector Basics Guide, RMA forms and other reference materials.