New to Medicare Enrollment Checklist

There are a few things you should be aware of as you begin to sign up for Medicare.

For more information about Medicare, visit or call your local branch office.

For more information about enrolling in a plan through Via Benefits™, visit or contact Via Benefits at 1-844-287-9945.

Things to do:

Enroll in Medicare during your enrollment period. To learn more about enrollment periods, visit New to Medicare - Enrollment Periods
Call Via Benefits at 1-844-287-9945 to schedule a time to enroll in a plan through a plan through the Connector.
Set up your Via Benefits online account and fill out your online personal profile.
Call Via Benefits (again!) during your scheduled enrollment time. Please allow at least an hour for the enrollment process.

Be on the lookout for:

As your deadline to apply for Medicare gets closer, you'll receive several notices and documents keeping you informed. Select an item below to view more information:

Announcement letter
Pre-birthday letter
Enrollment Guide
Enrollment Confirmation Card
Enrollment Call
Selection Confirmation letter
Plan Acceptance Confirmation letter
Getting Reimbursed Guide

For more information on the enrollment process, visit or contact Via Benefits at 1-844-287-9945.