2021 Dental Plan MetLife Dental Plan

Dental coverage administered by MetLife is optional for you and your dependents.

Once enrolled you can view your Certificate of Coverage for additional details. These certificates explain the dental options available for participants in the high or low OPERS dental plans. Participants enrolling in a dental plan pay the entire premium for this coverage.

2019 Dental Certificates

These Dental Certificates explain the dental options available for participants enrolled in the high or low OPERS dental plans.

Dental Certificates for residents of Mississippi, Montana, Texas and Louisiana:

Highlights of the Plan

View details of the 2021 MetLife Dental plan coverage, including both high and low options.

Claims Details

Dentists may submit your claims for you which means you have little or no paperwork. You can track your claims online and even receive email alerts when a claim has been processed. If you need a claim form you can request one by calling 1-888-262-4874.

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Oral health and you

Staying up-to-date on your dental care has overall health benefits and it starts with preventive care. Preventive care is what is done to take care of our teeth and gums, from brushing and flossing to maintaining a healthy diet and engaging in regular visits with the dentist. The MetLife dental plan includes preventive coverage, covered at 100 percent, for routine cleanings, fluoride applications, X-rays, emergency care and oral examinations. View the complete MetLife plan design (pdf opens in new tab) to become more familiar with the plan offerings.

Early detection and prevention are important and may minimize the need for more serious dental work down the road such as root canals, extractions and fillings. Take pre-emptive measures now for a healthy, happy smile tomorrow. To help you learn more about the importance of preventive dental care, MetLife has created an FAQ document (pdf opens in new tab).

Source: MetLife Frequently Asked Questions About Rethinking Preventive Dental Care (pdf opens in new tab)

  1. MetLife’s negotiated or preferred Dentist Program fees refer to the fees that dentist participating in MetLife’s Preferred Dentist Program have agreed to accept as payment in full, for services rendered by them. MetLife’s negotiated fees are subject to change.
  2. Negotiated fees for non-covered services may not apply in all states. Plans in LA, MS, MT and TX vary. Please call MetLife for more details.