OPERS Health Care Plan Options

OPERS health care features several medical plans, a prescription drug plan and optional vision and dental plans. Which medical plan you participate in is based on your Medicare status and whether or not you are re-employed in an OPERS-covered position.

Medicare-eligible Plans

Medicare-eligible participants enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B select a medical plan through the OPERS Medicare Connector administered by Via Benefits and receive an allowance in a Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA).

Those not-eligible to select a plan through the Connector or participate in the HRA, enroll in the Medical Mutual Medicare Plan.

Pre-Medicare Plans

Pre-Medicare participants participate in the OPERS Retiree Health Plan consisting of two different medical plans: the Medical Mutual PPO Plan and the Medical Mutual Re-employed Plan. The Medical Mutual PPO Plan is for those not yet eligible for Medicare; the Medical Mutual Re-employed Plan is for those who are re-employed in an OPERS-covered position.

Dental and Vision Plans

For further details on OPERS dental (MetLife) and vision (Aetna) plan options, select one below. They include information about plan qualifications, plan design, special program offerings and common questions to name a few.