Medical Mutual PPO Plan
OPERS Retiree Health Plan

The OPERS Retiree Health Plan for participants not yet eligible for Medicare is administered by Medical Mutual.

The OPERS Retiree Health Plan is a network/PPO plan. In Ohio, and several other states, Medical Mutual has a network of doctors and hospitals. This network gives retirees access to an extensive list of doctors, hospitals and other health care professionals. Call Medical Mutual customer service at 1-877-520-6728 to find network providers in your area.

My Care Compare

This plan covers 40 lab tests up to the coverage maximum. What this means is that the plan will pay for certain health services up to a maximum dollar amount. You can choose any network lab provider you want; however, if you do your research, you could save yourself some money as some providers’ rates are above the coverage maximum.

Medical Mutual’s My Care Compare tool can help you control costs. This easy-to-use tool explores and compares services, locations and costs for not only blood tests and other lab services but X-rays, MRIs and CT scans; physical therapy and even some surgeries to name a few.

My Care Compare also compares patient satisfaction and quality ratings for physicians and facilities in your area.

For example, the chart below illustrates two providers’ rates for the same lab test. Notice how the coverage maximum influences how much you are responsible for paying.

An example of savings from using Medical Mutual's MyCareCompare
  Provider A Provider B
Provider's rate $60.00 $10.39
Coverage maximum $10.39 $10.39
Coinsurance $2.60 $2.60
Difference between coverage maximum and provider’s rate $49.61 $0.00
Total out-of-pocket cost $52.21 $2.60

Visit, or call Medical Mutual at 877-520-6728 for information on cost estimates upon receiving care from a SuperMed® Network provider.