Pre-Medicare Prescription Plan The OPERS Prescription Drug Plan

OPERS is partnered with Express Scripts and offers our pre-Medicare participants prescription drug plan. New retirees and covered dependents will receive a new enrollee packet which will include your new ID card, a formulary list and other materials.

The OPERS prescription drug formulary list is subject to change throughout the year. For the most up to date version, login to your online express-scripts account (link opens in new tab).

OPERS & Rising Prescription Drug Costs

Find out how OPERS is advocating for retirees to keep prescription drug costs affordable.

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Medication Therapy Management

Medication Therapy Management is a service the OPERS plan offers free of charge. Participants who meet Medication Therapy Management program criteria will be sent a letter explaining the program. The program provides participants with a one-on-one telephone discussion about your medications with a registered pharmacist or licensed pharmacy intern to ensure your medications are appropriate, safe and effective.

This program is designed to lower the risk of drug interactions and possible harmful side effects. To learn more about the service, watch this video. If you have any questions about the program, please call Express Scripts at 1-866-727-5873.

Prior Authorization & Step Therapy

Express Scripts also offers Prior Authorization and Step Therapy Programs that assist with drug management. For more information about these programs, call Express Scripts at 1-800-935-6103.

Generic Medications

Maximizing your drug therapy

Under the prescription drug program, OPERS recommends taking generic medications when possible. Currently, 90 percent of prescription drugs taken by OPERS pre-Medicare participants are for generic medications. Increasing your use of generic drugs through the High Performance Formulary plan could be a potential cost savings to you, now and into the future. Click here to view the High Performance Formulary list. You may print a copy of the list to discuss with your provider.

Did you know that generic drugs use the same active ingredient that brand name drugs use and are generally less expensive to plan participants?

Receiving Medications

There are three avenues, or programs, that retirees can use to receive medications:

  1. Retail pharmacy program

    Participants can receive up to a 30-day supply of medication, plus refills, as prescribed by their physician. In order to use the retail pharmacy network, they must present their prescription drug ID card and prescription(s) to the pharmacist.

  2. Preferred Retail Pharmacy program

    Participants are required to use a preferred network of retail pharmacies in order to pay the lowest copay and co-insurance amounts. To find out if a pharmacy is preferred, call the number on the back of your Express Scripts ID card.

  3. Home Delivery program

    Participants can receive up to a 90-day supply of medication, plus refills, as prescribed by their physician. To use the Home Delivery pharmacy, participants can place an order using the Express Scripts website, by mailing the prescription(s) and the correct copay to Express Scripts, or by calling 1-866-727-5873. TTY users should call 1-800-716-3231.