Retiree Medical Account

Retirees enrolled in the OPERS Retiree Health Care Plan administered by Medical Mutual have access to a Retiree Medical Account (RMA) where funds are accumulated exclusively to pay for medical expenses not covered. These expenses include qualified medical, pharmacy, vision and dental costs. While the ability to add funds is no longer available, accumulated funds remain accessible in the RMA for a period of time.

To redeem funds, participants need to fill out a medical expense claim form.

After PayFlex processes the claim form, participants receive reimbursement through direct deposit by an automated electronic funds transfer (EFT) up to the amount of the RMA balance.

Questions about the account? Visit or call 1-888-672-9136.

Following the claim form instructions will lead to a quick and easy reimbursement through an automated electronic funds transfer.

What is a Retiree Medical Account (RMA)?

An RMA is a savings account where funds are accumulated exclusively to reimburse you for qualified health care expenses not covered by the health care plan or other health care premiums.

What are Qualified Health Care Expenses?

Many different types of expenses could be reimbursed by your RMA. Usually, qualified medical expenses are the same kind of medical, dental and vision expenses that can be taken as deductions on your federal tax return. Examples of these are post-tax health insurance premiums, deductibles, many types of medical services and even the money you might pay for transportation to and from a medical care facility. Premiums for some long-term care insurance may be covered. For more details about qualified medical expenses, please contact PayFlex®. You can also find a complete listing of qualified health care expenses at and IRS Publication 502 at

For a complete listing of the medical expenses that may be reimbursed if you have available funds in the RMA, please click here.

How Will I Keep Track of My Account?

PayFlex® provides administrative services for the RMA and keeps track of all RMA expenses as well as how much money is in the RMA, how much money has been used and how much interest the RMA has earned. An Explanation of Payment is sent when money paid from the RMA.

How Do I File a Claim?

Complete the claim form, and attach supporting proof that you have paid for the claimed expense. If approved, PayFlex® will reimburse you from your RMA. Click here to download the reimbursement claim form.

Claims should be submitted to:

PO Box 4000
Richmond, KY 40746-4000

For questions regarding Retiree Medical Accounts administered by PayFlex®, visit or call 1-888-672-9136.

Can I Cover My Dependents' Health Care Expenses With my RMA Funds?

You may use your RMA to pay health care expenses for your qualified dependents as defined by OPERS.

Will My Dependents Have Access to My RMA Funds?

If there are funds in your RMA at the time of your death, your dependents may use that amount to pay for qualified health care expenses. To do so, your dependents (spouse, children) must have been eligible for coverage under your OPERS health plan (dependents are not required to be covered by the OPERS plan). They only need to have been eligible to have access to the remaining funds in your RMA at the time of your death and make a claim within one year of your death.