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OPERS Wellness information

You’ve heard the old saying, “without your health, you have nothing.” Sure enough, a top worry of people as they get older is their health and as we age, health worries that relate to chronic or life-threatening illness become more probable. OPERS understands this, and supports you in achieving your optimal health and enjoying your retirement. To help you manage your health and stretch your health care budget OPERS provides you with a variety of resources.

Preventing Illness/Maximizing Your Health

While many diseases and disabilities are associated with genetic and environmental factors, most chronic conditions plaguing this country in terms of human toll and health care costs are linked to health-related behaviors we can control – our diets, our level of physical activity, the amount of sleep we get, our use of tobacco products, etc.

With the aging population and an increase in preventable chronic diseases—coupled with the rise in health care costs—it’s more crucial than ever for you to take charge of your health.

Maximizing Your Health Care Dollars

The concept of personal responsibility in health care is simple --- if we follow healthy lifestyles (exercise, maintain a healthy weight and don’t smoke, to name a few) and are good health care consumers (keeping our appointments, heeding our doctors' advice, taking our prescription medications as directed, and using a hospital emergency department only for emergencies), there is a greater likelihood we will be rewarded by feeling better and spending less money on our health care needs.

Optimizing Your Health and Quality of Life

To help you achieve your optimal health and quality of life, OPERS offers a variety of resources including access to board-certified primary care doctors and specialists, high quality hospitals, personalized prescription drug consultations, lifestyle coaches, weight loss programs, fitness center discounts, and more.

Below are links to resources available to you through your OPERS health care programs.

Medical Mutual


For retirees participating in the Medical Mutual Plan, Medical Mutual offers health and wellness programs for those who choose to participate.

It's your health, take it personally

Learning More

Below is additional information you might find helpful to improve your health and stretch your health care dollars.

Free Online Arthritis Workshop

With support from the CDC, NCOA is partnering with the Arthritis Foundation to offer Better Choices, Better Health®-Arthritis free of charge. Over six weeks, participants will learn strategies to reduce pain, decrease activity limitations, and improve their ability and confidence to manage arthritis—all from the convenience of their computer. For more information visit: Better Choices, Better Health Arthritis.

Online, self-management programs from NCOA offer an alternative to community based workshops with evidence-based outcomes.

Community-Based Resources

The following external resources are not affiliated with OPERS but will provide you with a wide variety of helpful wellness information, ranging from preventive wellness tips to specific information and treatment options for chronic conditions.


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