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OPERS pre-Medicare Medical Mutual plan participants have access to a variety of wellness programs that cater toward helping you set and achieve personal goals. These wellness resources are designed to offer you support by phone, Web and in-person. Visit the Medical Mutual PPO plan section for more information.

Interested in the Diabetes Prevention Program? Watch this OPERS plan participant’s testimony of her journey through this proven health and wellness program.


If you are Medicare-eligible, contact your plan carrier to ask about wellness programs and how they might help you meet your personal health goals.


As you spend more, be aware of what your health plan covers and does not cover, stay in-network when possible and keep deductibles and out-of-network costs in mind. Also, consider going to a primary care physician (PCP). PCPs are important because they can help guide and coordinate all your health care needs from preventive and acute care to managing chronic conditions and eventual life needs.

Additionally, your health plan is a resource - tap into it if you have questions regarding your health care coverage, claims and billing.

Community resources

There are many programs available in your community that can provide assistance, such as the United Way and Meals on Wheels. Also, your local senior center may offer a variety of programs to enrich your life. The following organizations are not affiliated with OPERS; however, they offer a variety of information from preventive tips to ways to assist you in managing chronic conditions.

Ohio Department of Aging

The Ohio Department of Aging offers nutrition and transportation services for older adults, healthy lifestyle programs and more. They are responsible for the delivery of services and support for older Ohioans, adults with disabilities, their families and their caregivers. The Ohio Department of Aging’s services are coordinated and managed by a network of 12 area agencies on aging throughout the state.

American Diabetes Association

The American Diabetes Association offers a Senior Signature Series which provides diabetes resources and education for adults age 50 and over. Topics include how to reduce the stress of living with diabetes, steps to decrease the risk for diabetes and its complications and more. Contact the American Diabetes Association to find out what programs are offered in your area.


AARP offers health and healthy living information and resources to members and non-members alike. In addition, AARP offers member discounts and educational tools, but also provides a volunteer match service that links your interests with groups for great ways to give back and meet new faces. There are volunteer opportunities right in your own backyard, around the community and at the state level. Some examples include tutoring and mentoring, coaching drivers and assisting community members with taxes. The opportunities are endless.

Around the web

The internet can be a great search tool for locating health resources; however, be mindful of the source or website. Look for websites supported by government (.gov), education (.edu) and organization (.org) offices. For more safety tips, visit fda.gov and Healthit.gov.