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The Ohio Public Employees Retirement System provides retirement benefits to the employees of about 3,700 employers across the state.

We work with them to educate their workers on our benefits and health care coverage, and to help them understand how to comply with Ohio Revised Code.

More Information

More information on OPERS Employers can be found in the OPERS Employer Manual.

Know the facts about OPERS' employers:

OPERS-reporting employers are defined in Ohio Revised Code. Our annual financial reports outline the following primary employer groups:

  • State
  • Counties
  • Municipalities
  • Miscellaneous
  • Villages
  • Libraries
  • Townships

With a few exceptions, membership in OPERS is required for these public employees, regardless of the hours they work or the salary they earn. Our employers must remit employer and employee contributions beginning with the first day of employment.

OPERS has a dedicated employer account team that is the front line support for employers.

We also maintain a compliance unit that facilitates employer educational opportunities, provides one-on-one training at employer locations, makes membership determinations, assists with earnable salary determinations and evaluates programs employers offer, as part of their individual operational policies, to employees.

See what OPERS employers are in your area by using the employer search tool.