Interactive Webinar Retiree Health Care Under 65 - Open Enrollment

Get Ready to Choose Your New Individual and Family Plan

Join us for a live webinar to help you prepare for this year's Open Enrollment. These webinars will take place between October 4 and December 10, 2021. You'll hear from OPERS representatives and Via Benefits to make sure you understand your health insurance options and select the insurance plan that best fits your specific needs. We'll also provide more information about funding options, including federal subsidies and the OPERS HRA.

You may want to review the Enrollment Guide for Pre-Medicare Retirees before you attend the webinar to have a foundation of the changes and prepare any questions. The Enrollment Guide will be mailed to your home in late September. You can also find a copy at (link opens in new tab).

For answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding the health care changes for 2022, please view the Health Care 2022 FAQs for Pre-Medicare Retirees (PDF opens in new tab).

Open Enrollment General Questions Retiree Health Care Under 65

After attending the Open Enrollment webinar and if you still have questions regarding the Pre-Medicare transition to the Open HRA Model in 2022, please join us for the Open Enrollment General Questions session. During this session, we will address the most frequently asked questions we are receiving during the Open Enrollment webinars and address your individual questions.