Tax Guide

As a retired Ohio PERS member, the beneficiary of a deceased Ohio PERS retired member, or a member receiving a disability benefit, your retirement benefit must be reported on your federal income tax return.

OPERS is required by the Internal Revenue Service to calculate the taxable amount of your benefit. The taxable amount is then reported to the IRS and is used as the basis for withholding calculations.

OPERS will supply you with the taxable amount of your benefit by sending you a Form 1099-R. We will begin mailing 1099-R statements to our benefit recipients during January. With this statement you will receive a Benefit Recipients' Income Tax Guide for that tax year.

This guide will provide general assistance to you or your tax advisor in the preparation of your federal and state income tax returns. If you have additional questions, please contact your tax advisor.

Watch this video to understand your 1099-R tax return.

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