Combined Plan

The Combined Plan is designed with components of both a "defined benefit" plan and a "defined contribution" plan. Currently, the plan also includes disability and survivor benefits, as well as cost-of-living adjustments after retirement and access to health care coverage.

One Part 'Defined Benefit'

Under the defined benefit portion of the Combined Plan, the member's retirement benefit is determined by a reduced formula (similar to the formula described for the Traditional Pension Plan).

OPERS investment professionals manage the investment of the employer contributions to ensure that funds are available to pay the defined benefit portion of the Combined Plan.

One Part 'Defined Contribution'

Similar to the Member-Directed Plan, employee contributions are deposited into the member's individual account within the plan and invested as directed by the member into one or more of the OPERS investment options.

The member's retirement benefit under this portion of the Combined Plan is based on the amount contributed, expenses and account gains and losses in the OPERS investment options selected, as well as annuity factors (i.e. age of retirement).


If you have questions about your benefits in the defined benefit portion of the Combined Plan, call OPERS Member Services at 1-800-222-7377. If you have questions about the defined contribution portion, call the OPERS Help Line at 1-866-673-7748.

* Note: Because the Combined Plan features aspects of both the Traditional Pension and Member-Directed plans, details of the Combined Plan's benefits are explained in other plans' sections.