OPERS Legal Forms

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Division of Property Order Form

The Division of Property Order form was adopted by Ohio Administrative Rule 145-1-72, effective January 1, 2014. The revised version of the form reflects updated Revised Code cross references and new Paragraph II(E) regarding cost of living allowances. The revised form also reflects the current address for the Ohio Highway Patrol Retirement System, effective April 6, 2015.

Authorization for Release of Account Information

Pursuant to Section 145.27 of the Ohio Revised Code, OPERS cannot release account information without the written authorization of the member or benefit recipient. This form should be carefully completed to contain all of the following:

Unless otherwise specified, the Authorization is valid for 60 days from the date on which it is signed.

Special Tax Notice Regarding OPERS Payments

This notice contains information on how to continue to defer federal income tax on your OPERS retirement savings at the time of receiving a distribution from your OPERS account.

Independent Contractor / Employee Determination for Worker & Independent Contractor / Employee Determination for Employer

These forms are used by OPERS to obtain information to determine whether a worker is a public employee for purposes of state retirement law. The worker and employer must each complete, sign and date the appropriate form (PED-1EE for a worker or 1PED-ER for an employer). If a public employer is unable to determine whether an individual is a public employee, the employer must request a determination from the retirement system. An employer may be liable for employee and employer contributions, plus interest, if the retirement system later determines the worker is a public employee.