Defined Benefit Fund Total Assets

As stated in the Defined Benefit Statement of Investment Objectives & Policies, the DB Fund's primary performance objectives are:

  1. Exceed the return of OPERS’ Performance Benchmark, net of investment expenses over five-year periods;
  2. Exceed the actuarial interest rate over a reasonable longer time horizon. The Benchmark combines designated market indexes for asset classes, weighted by asset allocation targets.

The target allocation mix used to calculate benchmark performance for the DB Fund will be established on a quarterly basis for the following quarter. The asset and sub asset classes for the DB Fund are as follows:

  1. Asset Classes
    1. Public Equity – Asset Class
      1. U.S. Equity Assets – Sub Asset Class
      2. Non-U.S. Equity Assets – Sub Asset Class
    2. Public Fixed Income – Asset Class
    3. Alternatives – Asset Class
      1. Private Equity – Sub Asset Class
      2. Real Estate – Sub Asset Class
      3. Hedge Funds – Sub Asset Class
      4. Opportunistic – Sub Asset Class
      5. Commodities – Sub Asset Class
    4. Risk Parity – Asset Class
    5. Global Tactical Asset Allocation (GTAA) – Asset Class