Unaudited Quarterly Summary as of 9/30/2017
Total Market Value: $11.7 million
0.10% of OPERS HC Fund
Quarter Return: 0.45%
Benchmark Return: 0.38%
Year To Date Return: 2.44%
Benchmark Return: 2.26%

Opportunistic investing allows OPERS to access investment strategies and new instruments that do not fit neatly into one of the traditional asset class categories. There is no overarching strategy for this asset class.

Each potential strategy will be evaluated on its own merit and a decision will be reached if the strategy is feasible, whether to implement the strategy passively or actively, and internally or externally.

The benchmark for this asset class is the weighted average of the benchmarks for each opportunistic strategy. The expectation is that the Opportunistic return should add to the total fund return over appropriate periods of time.

Opportunistic assets have a target of 0.1 percent in the Health Care Fund.