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Welcome to Investments
OPERS investments are governed by state statute requiring a "prudent person" standard to be applied to all investment decisions.

Under this standard, fiduciaries are to "discharge their duties solely in the interest of the fund participants and beneficiaries and with the degree of diligence, care and skill which prudent persons would ordinarily exercise under similar circumstances in a like position."

The OPERS Board of Trustees, as the responsible fiduciaries of the system, guide and determine the policies and strategies for OPERS' investments.

The Board empowers the OPERS investment professionals with the directive of securing the best possible returns, while managing an acceptable level of risk.

Asset allocation is the key determinant of return to help reduce overall risk. How funds are distributed in a portfolio to help reduce overall risk, or asset allocation, is a key investment policy decision. Asset allocation determines which class of assets (stocks or bonds, for example) are emphasized in order to achieve OPERS' financial goals. Studies show that 90 percent of a fund's performance is determined by its asset allocation, so this set of decisions is crucial.

The goals of the OPERS Investment Division are:
  • To generate target returns for the total fund, each asset class and portfolio.
  • To maintain a competitive cost structure, relative to their peers.
  • To hire, develop, and retain top-caliber investment professionals who are aligned with the Division's core values.
  • To develop innovative strategies to meet or exceed investment goals and objectives.
The OPERS total investment portfolio is divided into three funds: the defined benefit fund, the defined contribution fund, and the health care fund.

To find out more information about the three funds, including descriptions, asset allocations and performance, follow the links below:
  • View More: Defined Benefit Plan   |   Defined Contribution Plan   |   Health Care Plan

    > Total Assets
    > U.S. Equity Assets
    > Non-U.S. Equity Assets
    > Hedge Funds
    > Real Estate Assets
    > Private Equity Assets
    > Opportunistic Assets
    > Commodities
    > Risk Parity
    II. Health Care Plan
    > Total Assets
    > U.S. Equity Assets
    > Non-U.S. Equity Assets
    > Public Fixed Income
    > REITS
    > Hedge Funds
    > Commodities
    > Risk Parity
    > Global Tactical Asset Allocation
    III. Defined Contribution Plan
    > Total Assets
    > Target Date Funds
    > Stable Value Fund
    > Bond Fund
    > Stock Index Fund
    > Large Cap Fund
    > Small Cap Fund
    > Non-U.S. Stock Fund
    > Fund Information
    IV. Press Releases
    V. Annual Financial Reports
    VI. Annual Investment Plans
    VII. Investment Policies
    VIII. Iran and Sudan Divestment Policy

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