Employer Outreach

OPERS understands the unique challenges and questions that result from payroll reporting. To help assist OPERS reporting employers, the system created Employer Outreach. Designed to serve the special needs of payroll professionals, Employer Outreach provides access to a number of features and benefits including:

The Employer Outreach staff is here to assist employers in a myriad of ways. From field representatives to customer service personnel, Outreach is available to answer questions and facilitate training seminars. Created solely for employers, outreach is here to help you, so please don't hesitate to contact us today.

In addition to regional seminars, Employer Outreach is available for on-site consultation, as well as customized training presentations upon request.

Training and seminars are just part of the Employer Outreach Department. We also have dedicated customer service representatives available to answer your questions on the phone and via e-mail. As an OPERS reporting employer, please take advantage of our Employer Outreach services. We're here to help make your job a little easier!

The call center is staffed with telephone specialists trained on OPERS requirements for payroll reporting. You can reach them at 1-888-400-0965 or by e-mailing employeroutreach@opers.org.

Member Services

OPERS' Member Services provides a number of useful functions for employers and their employees. These include benefit fairs, one-on-one interviews with employees and providing group counseling to your employees.

The educational goals for employees from these services include the following:

  1. Individual benefits available to you from OPERS
  2. Individual retirement options
  3. Effect on Social Security benefits in coordination with OPERS benefits
  4. Service credit one might be eligible to purchase
  5. Effect on members under multiple Ohio retirement systems
  6. Additional benefits available upon OPERS retirement
  7. Re-employment issues when returning to public service after retirement
  8. Updates on current legislative changes to OPERS benefits

If you wish to find out more about our services and how we may be of assistance to your organization and employees, then please call 1-800-222-7377 and ask how Member Services can help.